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Important Volvo Maintenance Tips

As a Volvo owner, regular maintenance is vitally important to the performance and safety of your vehicle. Without proper care, your vehicle will be more likely to have serious problems in the future that could lead to you spending large amounts of money on emergency fixes. Poor maintenance also compromises the security and stability that has become synonymous with Volvo’s brand.

Car maintenance shouldn’t be considered a difficult task. Even drivers with limited mechanical knowledge can perform routine maintenance tasks which can prolong the life of your Volvo as well as save you hundreds of dollars in emergency fixes. Maintaining your vehicle shouldn’t be considered an inconvenience or a challenge. Instead, you should see this as ensuring your safety and security and getting the most out of your investment.

Keep it Clean

A simple maintenance task that often goes overlooked is maintaining a routine car washing schedule. The best way to keep your Volvo’s exterior looking well is to clean off any mud and scum that may harm the car’s finish. This also gives you a closer look at any scratches, dents, chips, and dings that you would not usually notice. Below are some tips on washing your Volvo.

  • Wash your car with a gentle cleaning solution that is safe for automotive finishes. Start at the top and work down from there. Use a washing mitt or cloth made of microfiber. After washing the finish, wash your tires with a separate bucket filled with soapy water, so you do not get grease or dirt on any other parts of your car.
  • Look over the paint for messy spots from bird droppings, pollen, or tree sap. These contaminants are often stuck to the paint’s surface so a special clay bar made for car exterior care may help you clear them away.
  • Dry your car thoroughly with fresh, clean towels. Soft, waffle-weave, absorbent microfiber drying towels are preferable for this task. Then put on car wax. You have several varieties from which to choose, but usually a liquid or paste-style wax works well when applied every 3 months. This will help protect and maintain the exterior of your car.

Checking Tire Pressure

Another maintenance tip that often gets disregarded is the importance of checking your tire pressure. Low tire pressure can result in dangerous driving conditions. Low tire pressure will also result in you visiting your local gas station more frequently, as it will lower your car’s gas mileage. Checking your tire pressure can be done anytime you visit your local gas station and should take you less than 5 mins. The only tool you’ll need is a tire gauge which should cost anywhere from $5 to $10 from your local auto store.

  • Take off the cap from the air valve, then firmly press the tire gauge squarely onto the air valve. Be sure to only remove the valve cap from one tire at a time.
  • Increase air in the tire until it reaches the recommended air pressure.
  • Screw the valve cap back onto the air valve.
  • Look over your tires to be sure that they do not have any nails, screws, or any other objects stuck in the rubber that could puncture the tire and cause an air leak.
  • Check the sides of the tires to be sure you do not see any cuts, bulges, gouges, or any other irregularities.
  • Repeat this procedure for each tire. Don’t forget the spare!

Further Maintenance

For the more ambitious Volvo owner, there are additional maintenance steps you can perform, such as changing your battery every 4 to 5 years, regular oil changes, replacing the brake pads as needed, and rotating your tires annually. However, these are more intensive tasks, and these can all be addressed at an annual checkup with your local Volvo specialist.

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How Star Motors Service Can Help

The Volvo automotive specialists here at Star Motors focus their expertise on European automobiles and their safety and performance. We serve clients from all over the areas of San Juan Capistrano, CA and Southern Orange County. We perform thorough ongoing inspections as part of our routine maintenance plan for our clients. If you’d like us to perform a routine maintenance check on your Volvo, contact us today to schedule an appointment with our Volvo experts or drop by to speak with one of our skilled service technicians.

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