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Things to Consider While Maintaining Your Rolls Royce

A Rolls Royce is a highly desired luxury car. They are old-school, classic, classy—a big get by any stretch of the imagination. With their stylish designs and bulky charm, they appeal to many. Their high price tag, however, means that only a few can take advantage of their allure.

Due to their price, reliability, style, and name recognition, a Rolls Royce is a car you want to take good care of. Maintaining their longevity becomes key, as you want to get the most return on your initial investment.

Potential Hazards

Regardless of the car, it’s always important to make sure that it sticks to its regularly scheduled maintenance. With a car in the price range of a Rolls Royce, you want to make especially sure that this is the case.

Getting a regular oil change is crucial. If the oil becomes old or runs out, the engine can seize. A seized engine requires complete replacement, which in a basic family hatchback is expensive. In a luxurious Rolls Royce, it’s exceptionally pricey. Checking the oil in your car is also easy and quick, and can give you some insight into whether or not the car needs a service. Make sure that the car is on level ground, pull out the dipstick in the oil cylinder, and wipe it on a paper towel or cloth. Insert the dipstick back into the cylinder, hold for a moment, and remove. The level of oil should be clearly indicated on the stick. It should always remain between the two lines indicated on the stick. When observing the oil, make sure that it is a clear gold color, and not a dark brown. A dark brown or black color means that the oil should be changed immediately, as it’s old and burnt.

Always make sure that the air tire pressure is at the level indicated by the driver’s manual or the dealership. An electronic digital tire-pressure gauge is the most accurate and helpful, however, any tire pressure gauge will do the work just fine. Make sure to also check the air pressure in the spare tire, as well. While a popped tire is not generally a major disaster, it can be a huge inconvenience and a large expense if your spare is not inflated. Driving with a tire that’s low on air can affect the driving experience, as well as put unnecessary pressure on the struts and axles of the car. A tire that is low because of a leak will likely require a complete replacement, while others can just be refilled at any service station for relatively cheap.

Other Maintenance Tips

Other key areas to check and maintain include the oil filter, the brakes, the exhaust and air conditioning systems, and all fluids. Most of these are best treated at a trusted mechanic, and most will be done during a routine oil change. When driving a car as pricey and unique as a Rolls Royce, it’s important that you have the car checked regularly, as well as when any questions or concerns occur.

Rolls Royce parts are often more expensive than the “regular” version, and generally need more specific help. Always make sure to take your car to a Rolls Royce certified dealer/mechanic, or check that your mechanic is qualified to help you with a Rolls Royce. Damages can add up much quicker and can be extremely detrimental when dealing with a car as sophisticated as the Rolls Royce, and you want to make sure that you handle them with care and speed.

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How We Can Help

Regardless of the type of maintenance that your car needs, Star Motors is ready and willing to help. We understand that your car is important to you, and we promise to treat it like it’s our own. Serving San Juan Capistrano, CA, as well as other Southern Orange County areas, we’re prepared to help you in any way necessary.

Our certified technicians are qualified to work on a variety of European cars. We use the newest diagnostic equipment and promise dealership quality with lower prices. When in doubt, we at Star Motors are prepared to help you sort out any of the problems that occur with any of your luxurious cars, including your Rolls Royce.

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