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How to Maintain the Rear Self-Leveling Suspension in Jaguar

Jaguars are termed luxury vehicles for a reason: simply put, they offer drivers consistent quality performance and comfort that goes beyond the average vehicle. It’s no wonder why drivers gravitate toward Jaguar vehicles—they continually deliver on their promise to give drivers an exceptional experience. Contrary to popular belief, however, Jaguars encounter performance issues just like every other vehicle on the road. One area that Jaguar vehicles tend to combat is suspension problems, specifically with a rear self-leveling suspension.

If you’re already lost and aren’t sure what a rear self-leveling suspension is, don’t panic—you’re not alone. Educating drivers on their cars helps promote longevity and saves them money. This article should help give you a little background information on what the self-leveling suspension does for your Jaguar, signs that it is incurring problems, and what you can do to extend the life of your suspension system.

What Does a Self-Leveling Suspension Do For Your Jaguar?

The suspension in any car is designed to perform certain functions. Specifically, the suspension is what helps level the car, keeping it off of the ground, and absorb the impact of road imperfections and normal bumps and divots. In a Jaguar, the suspension is especially sophisticated in that it has what’s called a rear self-leveling suspension. This type of suspension is designed to level or even out the weight of the vehicle by detecting heavier rear loads and adjusting the height of the vehicle accordingly to promote proper aerodynamics and suspension functioning. In cars with more front-wheel braking power, the self-leveling suspension also helps distribute the braking power more evenly, making brakes more effective in times when the back of the car is carrying a heavier load.

Symptoms of Problems

As with any other problem or concern with your Jaguar, paying close attention to warning signs of rear self-leveling suspension failure or wear is essential for the diagnostic and repair process. These are some of the most common signs of suspension failure in Jaguar cars:

Vehicle Lower to the Ground in Rear

The rear self-leveling suspension does just what its name implies: it levels out the rear of the car. If the suspension isn’t working properly, then it’s common to be able to observe the rear of the car being especially lower to the ground when carrying a heavier load, but it might sit lower without a load if the rear self-leveling suspension has failed completely.

Less Effective Shock Absorption

When the chassis of the car is too low to the ground, or to the wheels, the shock of road impacts cannot be properly absorbed. As the rear self-leveling suspension lifts the vehicle, it also allows it to reduce the amount of vibration and impact inside the cabin. Ineffective shock absorption certainly affects the quality of your driving experience, and it’s a sign that the suspension needs some TLC.

Less Effective Braking with Heavy Loads

As we mentioned earlier, one of the main functions of the self-leveling rear suspension is to better distribute the braking power evenly from the front to the back of the car. If your Jaguar becomes difficult to halt, especially with a load in the back, it might be due to a failing suspension.

What You Can Do to Maintain the Rear Suspension

Ongoing care and maintenance for your Jaguar’s suspension is essential to keep it working properly. Here are a few tips to best prevent suspension issues in your Jaguar:

Perform Frequent Inspections

The suspension requires fluid changes and mechanical work in order to maintain its function. The more often your Jaguar specialist can take a look at the various components and systems of your car, the more likely they are to spot an issue sooner rather than later, eliminating the cascade of damages that can occur.

Follow Your Jaguar’s Maintenance Plan

The Jaguar manufacturer designs a maintenance plan that is specifically dedicated to your Jaguar model and year. It’s important to follow this maintenance plan in order to experience the most optimal performance in your car’s suspension.

Jaguar Sports Car

Consult with Jaguar Experts

Along with following your maintenance plan it’s important to consult with Jaguar experts who can spot problems that are typical as well as problems that might be out-of-the-ordinary or unexpected. The Jaguar specialists here at Star Motors serve clients from all over the areas of Southern Orange County as well as San Juan Capistrano, CA. For over 30 years we’ve dedicated our passion to these cars, and it shows in our quality of work and customer service. To schedule an inspection of your rear self-leveling suspension, please call one of our helpful professionals today.

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