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Why Your Ride in Your Land Rover Might Be a Little Bumpy

Land Rover drivers are usually drawn to such cars because they’re powerful, sturdy, and durable. They can withstand rough terrain, but without sacrificing on important luxury components typical of European import vehicles. Land Rovers are especially capable of handling rough road conditions, and it can be especially upsetting when you begin to notice that your Land Rover isn’t handling the bumps and road imperfections as well as it usually does.

Land Rover suspension is unique and especially well-designed for the specific purpose of handling intense roads; however, even Land Rovers can experience problems in this area. Land Rover suspension is built for endurance, but it’s also designed to make the experience inside the cabin comfortable for the driver and passengers. If you suspect that there’s some issue with your Land Rover’s suspension, this article might help you confirm your suspicions. It’s most important that if you recognize troubling symptoms you bring your Land Rover to your trusted automotive specialist immediately.

What is a ride optimization system

Many luxury vehicles are fitted with what’s called a ride optimization system, including Land Rovers. This system is a tech-based feature that runs by calculating a driver’s typical driving habits and road conditions and adjusting suspension and other components to the drivers typical standards. Therefore, if you regularly take your Rover over rough terrain, your ride optimization system will be able to recognize the road conditions and driving style under those specific circumstances and adjust the various systems to optimize running to those conditions. Unfortunately, when something goes wrong with the ride optimization feature it can greatly affect how smooth your ride is in your Rover.

Common air suspension problems

Beyond simply the ride optimization system not running properly, you might begin to notice specific suspension problems alongside the failure of this program. This is because when the ride optimization feature isn’t working properly it leaves main suspension components susceptible to more damage and even failure. Here are some of the most common air suspension problems.

Deteriorating air springs

Springs can begin to deteriorate under a number of different circumstances. Consistent wear is normal over the life of a vehicle, but depending on your typical driving conditions and driving habits, air springs might wear quicker than normal. For instance, if your Land Rover is used for driving over bumpy roads regularly, it can wear out the springs faster. Furthermore, springs are susceptible to water damage and corrosion.

Air compressor failure

Your Land Rover’s air suspension is designed to fill air bags with air that raise the vehicle up off the ground higher and support the weight of the vehicle, cushioning it as it rides over bumps and potholes. In order for the air bags to fill properly, the air compressor must be functioning well enough to fill the air bags with enough air.

Air leaks

As you might imagine, if your air suspension system experiences a leak in any number of the system components, this can lead to symptoms of suspension failure. The source of the leak must be determined through a suspension-specific differential diagnosis.

Symptoms of suspension issues

If your Land Rover begins to experience issues with the ride optimization system or any of the above mentioned components, you might notice the following symptoms:

Car sits lower than normal

This can occur when one or more of the air bags is compromised, or when the air compressor has failed. Driving your Land Rover under these conditions can wind up doing serious damage to the car.

Feels rough going over bumps

If you notice that your Rover is sitting lower than normal in one or more point of the car, then you also might experience more of the road bumps and imperfections more intensely inside the cabin. For a Land Rover, this is especially problematic because it should be able to handle rough conditions.

Rough Road

Why it’s important to hire a Land Rover specialist

For more than three decades, the expert Land Rover technicians at Star Motors have helped improve the driving experience of a wide range of clients from all around the areas of San Juan Capistrano, and Southern Orange County, CA. Finding specialized care for your Land Rover is critical—it ensures that your Rover is getting the best care, the best replacement parts, and the highest quality repair work. If you’re concerned that your Land Rover has been riding rough lately, please contact us immediately to schedule an inspection.