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Signs Indicating Air-Oil Separator Failure in Porsche

Turbo-charged, direct-injection vehicles require a different frame of reference and approach when it comes to automotive care and ongoing maintenance tasks. Porsche vehicles, although known for exceptional performance abilities, tend to run into issues that many other drivers experience in the average vehicle. One such issue is failure of the air-oil separator component.

The air-oil separator is an important part for your engine’s functioning, and if it becomes damaged, compromised, or fails all together, it can lead to significant performance issues and serious vehicle repairs. Since the air-oil separator is such a critical element for your car’s function, this article will address the factors pertaining to air-oil separator failure, including what symptoms you should be aware of in your own Porsche and how you can effectively attend to them.

Why is the air-oil separator such an important component?

If you don’t know much about automotive mechanics and functioning, a brief lesson is in order. When air and oil combine in an engine, the exhaust system can become contaminated which is a serious problem for your engine’s performance and overall health. When your engine can’t receive or output the right amount of air, it can cause serious damage to your engine. Furthermore, if oil gets into places it shouldn’t be, it can damage other various components of the engine. Therefore, although a small component, the air-oil separator is a critical part for your Porsche.

Porsche cars are high-performance vehicles often with turbo-charged engines; this means that the constant optimal flow of air and engine oil is particularly essential for optimal performance. Proper combustion and exhaust processes are elemental for turbo-charged, direct-injection vehicles, so attending to air-oil separator problems can ensure your Porsche performs effectively.

Warning signs to be on the lookout for

Issues with the air-oil separator should not go unnoticed, as the longer the problem persists the more the problem can spread and worsen. If the air-oil separator fails, it produces a few specific performance issues that you should be aware of:

  • Leaking oil
  • Smoke coming from the exhaust pipes
  • Check-engine light comes on
  • Oil-pressure light comes on

If you notice any of these symptoms in your own Porsche, it’s important to have it accurately diagnosed by a Porsche expert. These symptoms are concerning, and could be due to failure of another part besides the air-oil separator; therefore, a differential diagnosis is always in order when you notice one or more symptoms that could mimic another issue or part failure.

The importance of diligent auto maintenance

By keeping your Porsche in good condition, you reap many benefits including the following advantages:

  • Value retention
  • Car reliability
  • Car durability
  • Lower repair bills
  • Less frequent repairs
  • An enjoyable, stress-free driving experience

Each of the aforementioned benefits of auto maintenance make it an important task to have the air-oil separator checked out if you notice any concerning signs related to such an issue. Diligent auto maintenance is critical for many reasons, and here’s how you can best achieve sound maintenance for your Porsche to prevent air-oil separator failure:

  • Bring your Porsche to a specialist for diagnosis and treatment
  • Follow the maintenance schedule suggested by the manufacturer
  • Ensure your automotive specialists only uses the highest quality replacement parts
  • Follow through with routine oil changes and engine inspections

Upholding the standards of the Porsche brand means keeping it in excellent condition. With the help of an automotive specialist, you can set up a maintenance schedule that works for you, find affordable ways to address automotive repair and maintenance tasks, and feel secure in the quality of auto care your Porsche receives.

How we can help you

The Porsche specialists here at Star Motors Porsche 356 are proud to serve the communities of San Juan Capistrano, CA and other Southern Orange County areas. We provide luxury auto service for Porsche drivers and enthusiasts alike, and we have a range of experience working with all types of Porsche cars. If your car has exhibited any of the symptoms indicative of air-oil separator failure, please contact us right away to prevent further damage to your engine. Upholding the standards of the Porsche brand and ensuring your safety are always our top priorities. If you’d like to learn more about our shop and our services, please look over our website or get in touch with one of our helpful professionals.

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