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Fall Preventative Maintenance

Treat your car to a tune-up and get better gas mileage in return. According to the Car Care Council, even today’s modern vehicles need a periodic tune-up and that can save big at the pump.

“Regular tune-ups are an investment that really pays off. A well-maintained vehicle is not only more fuel efficient and environmentally friendly, but performs better and is safer and more reliable,” said Rich White, executive director, Car Care Council.

The council recommends a 21st Century tune-up during which the fuel, emissions and ignition systems are checked, as well as the battery, charging and starting system, and the engine mechanical and powertrain control systems. Keeping a car properly tuned can improve gas mileage by an average of 4%.

In addition to performing a tune-up, keeping tires properly inflated improves gas mileage by 2%. A clean air filter can improve fuel efficiency by as much as 14% on older vehicles and also helps the environment, as do regular oil and filter changes.

Air filters are usually inspected during an oil service, which would be performed regularly. We recommend every 5,000 miles or twice per year, on average. Tire pressures should be checked monthly.

Call today to schedule your appointment today at 949-979-5255!

Celebrating 10 years!

Since 2011, more than 100 Independent Auto Repair Shops across the U.S. have been fundraising to support research for the Cleveland Clinic Breast Cancer Vaccine Fund!

Can you Imagine a vaccine that would create a world free of breast cancer?
We can!

Brakes for Breasts is an organization that unites the hands of Independent Auto Repair Shops during the month of October. The participating Repair Shop provides their customers with free brake pads (up to $100 value) and the customer simply pays for the labor and any other parts that may be needed. The shop then donates 10% of that total to the Breast Cancer Vaccine Fund. Our industry stands united to put the Brakes on Breast Cancer! Together we have raised a grand total of $941,931.74 since 2011!

The American Cancer Society estimated that in 2019 there would be over 271, 000 people diagnosed with Breast Cancer and over 42,000 will die.

With those numbers it’s hard to find anybody who hasn’t been touched by Breast Cancer. Although treatment is better than it’s ever been, why do we wait until it happens to treat it – Let’s stop it before it happens.

Many of you have lost a loved one to this horrible disease – or maybe you are the one fighting or the one helping a loved one fight.
Brakes for Breasts is about HOPE
HOPE to those fighting
HOPE for prevention
HOPE we don’t bury another loved one

Brakes for Breasts supports Dr Vincent Tuohy’s research efforts to develop a Breast Cancer Vaccine and his philosophy of prevention.

Dr. Vincent Tuohy and his team at the Cleveland Clinic have successfully tested a Breast Cancer Prevention Vaccine in his lab and are working to take it to human trials.

Please help us support Dr. Tuohy’s research and help create a world where your daughters and granddaughters will never have to worry about the tragedy of facing breast cancer. Right now, his vaccine is specific to triple-negative breast cancer, the most lethal form of breast cancer with no real treatment. We are about a year to going to bedside trials. Dr. Tuohy has received the funding that takes care of FDA, trials, etc., and our donations go strictly to research. The research is to continue the vaccine efforts with the other three forms of breast cancer, ovarian cancer, prostate cancer and possibly a host of other diseases. This is groundbreaking – don’t miss out on a chance to make a difference. Click HERE to make your donation

Brakes for Breasts 2019

Help us put the brakes on breast cancer and at the same time, we’ll give you FREE brake pads up to $150 value!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and each year Star Motors donates 10% of each brake job to the Cleveland Clinic Breast Cancer Vaccine Research Fund. More than 100 independent auto repair shops across the US have raised $747,771.71 towards our goal of $1,000,000 since 2011!

How does it work?

For the entire month of October, our clients receive free brake pads for their cars. The client is only responsible to pay for the labor cost and any other service parts. At the end of the month, our shop donates 10% of the proceeds from the brake services, which includes labor and additional parts, to The Cleveland Clinic Breast Cancer Vaccine Research Fund.

Not sure if you need brake pads?

Make an appointment at Star Motors and we’ll perform a 59-point inspection for free, and we’ll let you know if you need new brakes.

Don’t need brakes? No problem!

Feel free to make a donation to this great cause. We also offer $25 off for all new customer, along with other customer specials.

Learn more about Brake for Breasts

Click the link below to learn more about Brakes for Breasts and the work being done at the Cleveland Clinic.

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Sometimes when you purchase a completely new car, your expectations can be pretty high. Even though electrical systems have been a huge compliment to the classic machanics in cars, they can still come with a handful of drawbacks. Poor electrical systems at times can indicate a flaw in the manufacturing process or could be a clue that your new car might not be as new as you were led to believe, and it can be difficult to discern which one of these possible explanations is the case. To try and help you figure out what potential problems your vehicle may have, we have put together a few common electrical problems that new cars tend to have (as well as what they might indicate about your vehicle).

A Dead Battery

This is often times the go-to assumption when the electrical system isn’t working. An easy test is to flash your headlights and, if they turn on, see how bright they are. A dead battery may mean that it needs a jump, that it needs replacement altogether, or that your car may have been more pre-used than you might like (or thought). On the other hand, your battery may not be dead but there could be hardly any power in the battery at all. You’ll know the difference when you check and either your lights are super dim or they don’t turn on at all.

Damaged Starter

The starter on your vehicle is the little feature that starts the car. Which means that if the starter is damaged, you won’t hear that little ‘click” when you turn on the ignition. The battery could possibly just not be fully charged, but if the starter isn’t working properly then there isn’t any way the battery can get your vehicle running. A damaged starter would warrant repair/replacement and would most likely have suffered from prior damage.

Damaged Alternator or Alternator Belt

The alternator is responsible for charging the battery while the car is running, as well as distributing additional power to other facilities like the headlights/radio.  If you start your car and you notice that it starts pretty slowly or certain electrical systems are flickering then it may mean that the alternator is not recaching the battery or that it isn’t distributing power throughout the car consistently. Having a damaged alternator might mean that a dysfunctional one was installed from the start, or it could mean that it was used quite a bit already. In both situations, we recommend that you replace the alternator sooner rather than later.

Ignition Issues

Ever turn your car key and have nothing happen? We bet that a handful of you have experienced this issue at some point or another! Unfortunately, there isn’t really an easy way to guess where along the powertrain that has started or what you need to focus on addressing. Taking your vehicle in and getting it checked out would be your best solution.

Damaged Fuses & Loose Wires

This can thankfully be an easy fix at times (imagine big celebrations going off)! Checking the fuse box is the first thing that you want to consider when something seems to not be right. If you can check your fuse box on your own and see what fuses may be blown then awesome! If a fuse isn’t blown and you think there may be some loose wires, we recommend that you take your vehicle in and have it looked at. Dealing with loose wires on your own can be quite dangerous and could even lead to creating new problems.

Hopefully the issues stated above can really help you figure out what problems your vehicle may be experiencing right now. If you would like to have a professional check things out and run a diagnostics to find out where the problem is coming from, and possibly give you some extra information that may help you find out whether your new car is really all that new, feel free to give us a call at 949.443.1970 and we would be happy to help!

-The Star Team


5 Things To Consistently Check In The Summertime 

Driving around Southern California can be a real joy: windows down, air blowing on your face, music blaring, you are simply enjoying summertime to the absolute fullest. You took the day off so that you and your spouse could head to your favorite camping ground that is located just outside of the city. The drive ends up being very pleasurable, for you were just able to avoid traffic and getting to your destination only took half of the time that you expected it to take. You two watch the beautiful sunset while each of you indulge in some hot and gooey marshmallows that you just finished slowly roasting over the fire (the fire that you spent about fifteen minutes trying to start). All is well, for the day-trip was an absolute success and will become another great memory for the books… until all of a sudden your car won’t start up. Everything is packed up, the sun has already set and it is starting to get sort of late, but the engine just continues to rev. Your spouse all of a sudden goes from loving and happy to the exact opposite. She won’t stop repeatedly saying “Why didn’t you take your car in to the shop to get it looked at? I told you over and over again to.. blah blah blah.” What was just an incredible day has just turned into an absolute nightmare. Suddenly, you wish that you had paid more attention to the “check engine light” that turned on over a month ago.

Don’t let the above situation happen to you. Here are a 5 things that you should continually check on to ensure that your vehicle keeps running smoothly all summer long, that way your picnic with your spouse can start and end just the way that you two plan it to.

1)  Battery: Locate the year the battery was made to ensure that it’s not too old. If your battery is 4 years old then it might be time to go purchase a new one.

2)   Tires: The heat can cause some wear and tear on your tires, so make sure the tread is acceptable and pay attention to the PSI. The heat can cause the air in tires to expand, so make sure to compensate for it.

3) Fluids: This is an important one. Constantly check your coolant and other fluids under the hood to ensure there are no leaks and that everything is at their appropriate levels.

4) Hoses and belts: Extremely warm temperatures can weather any hoses or belts, so double check that those items under the hood are in good working condition.

5) Air conditioner: Your air conditioner may take a while to get cool, but if your car is running more than 20 minutes and you’re still feeling hot air, that may be a sign of a problem (a problem that you certainly don’t want in Southern California).

Do you now realize that you may need to get your car looked at? Not a problem, give us a call at 949.443.1970 to set up an appointment today! Let’s make sure that your vehicle is running just the way that it should.

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Happy Holidays from Star Motors

This holiday season, as we mark our eighth year in business at Star Motors, our thoughts turn gratefully to you.
You have given us the opportunity to learn and grow, and we are constantly reminded of our mission to provide
you with a unique experience and exemplary service you can always rely on.

As an expression of our gratitude, we would like to extend this Special Holiday Savings Certificate available
exclusively to our valued clients. It is truly an honor to be serving you.

When you spend up to $250

When you spend between $250 and $500

When you spend over $500

Bring in a new client to Star Motors and we’ll give each of you
a colossal 20% OFF LABOR on any purchase!

Offer valid through December 31, 2016 .
This special holiday offer may not be used in conjunction with other coupons or giftcards. Not valid for sublets.
Wishing you every happiness this holiday season and throughout the coming New Year.

Sincerely, The Staff at Star Motors
Chris, Emma, Brent, Mark, Patrick, Luis, Anthony and Jesse

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[San Juan Capistrano, CA] — Star Motors, a local automotive repair business, is celebrating the holidays in style. The community is invited to a Holiday Celebration and Art Reception on Friday, December 4, 2015 from 5:00 P.M. – 8:00 P.M. The event is free and open to the public. Meet artist Juan Peña at this closing reception and enjoy wine tasting, hors d’oeuvres and fun giveaways. Bring an unwrapped toy for the Marine Corps Toys for Tots and be entered in a raffle to win a gift basket worth over $300!

Star Motors honors the critical role the arts play in our community by featuring acclaimed artists in the beautiful Star Gallery. Currently on display is California artist Juan Peña’s representational watercolors. His artwork has graced the walls of Star Motors since June of this year, and this closing reception marks the end of his show. Peña’son-location (plein air) landscapes depict the Golden State’s natural beauty and diverse scenery. A portion of the proceeds from art sold during the occasion will be donated to the J.F.Shea Therapeutic Riding Center. This non-profit organization is dedicated to improving the lives of people with disabilities through therapeutic horse-related programs.

“San Juan Capistrano is a place filled with art, as well as small businesses. Integrating the two in a celebration to give back is an important way to maintain a vibrant community fabric,” said Emma Silvera, Star Motors co-owner.


Artist: Juan Peña began plein air painting in 1959 under the direction of renowned California watercolorist, Vernon Nye in Napa Valley. Pena has become a nationally recognized and published watercolor artist, whose work has been accepted into prestigious exhibitions including the Transparent Watercolor Society of America and the National Watercolor Society. A recipient of numerous awards, Peña spends his time traveling and teaching painting to students internationally and in his hometown of Auburn, California.

Star Motors Support the Arts and Community  with Holiday Spirit

Organization: The 7-acre J.F. Shea Therapeutic Riding Center, located in San Juan Capistrano, is open to any person with a disability who can benefit from therapeutic riding. Founded in 1978 as the Orange County Riding Center by Nancy and Derek Lewis to help their son with cerebral palsy, it has grown to an organization that currently serves over 600 people with disabilities each year. The Shea Center is internationally recognized by the Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International (PATH) for its excellence in therapeutic riding programs. This “premier” program draws interns and students from around the world.

Business: Since 1986, Star Motors has provided superior technical and customer service in the automotive maintenance and repair industry. Voted Best Auto Repair for both San Juan Capistrano and the entire Orange County for the past 6 consecutive years, Star Motors is more than just a run-of-the-mill auto repair shop.

Star Motors Support the Arts and Community  with Holiday Spirit

Co-owner Emma Silvera’spassion for ensuring customer satisfaction reaches far beyond the walls of Star Motors. “We reach out to people in a charitable way,” Silvera says. “ We strongly believe in giving back to the community and doing what we can to makeit a better place.”

Chris Knuth, co-owner, describes the long-term vision of Star Motors as more than just a well-run business. “We want to be a partner in the community,” he says. “We’re creating jobs and opportunities. We do a lot more than just fix cars.”

Star Motors is located at 32955 Calle Perfecto, San Juan Capistrano, 92675. Visit the Star Motor’s website: or call 949.443-1970 for information.



Star Motors is honored to display the beautiful watercolors of award- winning artist Juan Peña. Come to a Meet & Greet at the Star Gallery Friday, October 23 from 4-7 and meet Juan himself! Learn about his painting and his adventures teaching students all around the world.

A portion of proceeds from art sold at the Star Gallery always benefit local charities. For information, please contact Emma at

Juan Pena, proficient in many media, is an award winning artist who is often sought and invited to display his work at a variety of shows, galleries, and museums. His watercolor, oil, pastel and pencil artwork are included in many private and corporate collections.

Juan Peña began on-location (plein air) watercolor painting in 1959, while studying with renown California watercolorist, Vernon Nye in the Napa Valley wine country. Juan says, “In California, our weather and light is conducive to painting outdoors”. Juan currently lives in the Sierra foothills of California with his wife Kay and has a studio in downtown Colfax, California. In addition he travels throughout the world painting.

“I paint from life, or on-location for the most part, and sometimes from my imagination,” explains Juan. The painting No power, no phone was painted entirely from my imagination. This painting was internationally published in 2004 in the book 100 Ways to Paint a Landscape, published by International Artist Magazine.

In 2007, one of Juan’s pencil drawings, completed on-location (plein air), was published in Strokes of Genius by North Light Books. A watercolor, Let the Sunshine In was accepted for exhibition with PaintAmerica and toured the United States in 2010 and 2011. His painting was one of one hundred paintings selected for this traveling show.

In 2009, one of Juan’s paintings was accepted into the Transparent Watercolor Society of America Annual Show and another painting was accepted into the National Watercolor Society Show.

Juan Peña won “Best of Show” for his watercolor at the 2010 Hearst Castle Invitational event and sale. Fifty invited artists painted on-grounds at Hearst Castle prior to the competition and sale. Of the seven paintings sold that evening, two were created by Juan; a pencil drawing and a watercolor.

The organizers of the Mendocino Plein Air Competition have invited Juan to be a celebrity artist and judge for the past two years (2013 & 2014) and again this year in September.

At Yosemite, Mr. Peña taught a one week session of watercolor classes for the past two years and this year in April. Next year (2016) he will teach in August.

Juan has participated in the annual Telluride and Aspen Plein Air Competitions. He will be participating again in Telluride this year, June 29th through July 5th. Last year, 2014, at the Aspen Plein Air event, Juan was selected as the public’s favorite painter.

John Hewitt, another fine watercolor painter and instructor, has invited Juan to be a guest instructor for his watercolor workshop, 16 day tour of Italy, this September.

Two of Juan’s watercolors have been selected for publication in Splash 15 (2014). Juan’s painting, “Let the Sunshine In” was published in 2011 in Splash 12. Published by North Light Books, Splash showcases the best in contemporary watercolors.

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We have had record-breaking hot weather this year in Southern California! With weather like this, overheated automobiles are often a problem. Here are a few tips taken from Road and Travel Magazine along with a special coupon to help you ‘Beat the Heat’!

  1. Before heading out be sure you check out the basics, including: oil, transmission fluid, windshield washer, battery level and strength, tire pressure, cooling system, belts and hoses.
  2. Make sure you have a well-equipped emergency kit and toolbox.
  3. When driving in hot weather it is particularly important to keep an eye on the lights and gauges. If your temperature gauge moves up, turn off your air conditioner.
  4. If the temperature light goes on or if the gauge enters the red zone, immediately pull off the road to a safe spot, well away from traffic. Do not drive any further — not even to the next exit. Driving with an overheated engine can cause serious damage to the engine.
  5. Do not attempt to remove the radiator cap itself. The hot pressurized coolant will spray out with great force and can burn you severely. Do not pour water over the radiator or engine, since a dramatic change in temperature could cause damage. After the engine cools, add a 50-50 mix of coolant and water to the reservoir to bring it up to its proper level.
  6. Even when not stranded due to a breakdown, summer heat can pose dangers. Never leave a child or pet in a parked car. Even an outside temperature in the 80s can quickly bring a car interior to lethal levels.
  7. Bring a cell phone for emergency calls.
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Welcome to 2015!During this time of both reflection on the past and planning the future, the StarMotors team is genuinely thankful to our customers and looks forward to providing superior automotive repair and customer service throughout the coming year.

We are thrilled to celebrate our sixth year in business and want to thank you for making it possible! Take advantage of our Anniversary Special below.

Join us for the closing event for Star Gallery’s featured artist Donna Butnik on January 24 from 1pm-4pm. A portion of the proceeds from art sold during the occasion will be donated to the Bright Future Foundation. This non-profit organization promotes non-violence and supports victims of domestic violence by encouraging survivors to rebuild and empower their lives with workshops and education. Find out more about Bright Futures on their Facebook Page by clicking here. We hope to see you there!

The New Year brings lots of activity and opportunity. Come visit us at the 12th Annual San Juan Capistrano Car Show on January 31. Enjoy over 400 hundred antique and classic cars and trucks from 7:30am-2pm at the San Juan Capistrano Community Center and Sports Park.

Star Motors gives you excellent servicecombined with the personal attention of a small neighborhood shop. Thank you for your continued business and support. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Warm Regards,

The Staff at Star Motors

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