5 Things To Consistently Check In The Summertime 

Driving around Southern California can be a real joy: windows down, air blowing on your face, music blaring, you are simply enjoying summertime to the absolute fullest. You took the day off so that you and your spouse could head to your favorite camping ground that is located just outside of the city. The drive ends up being very pleasurable, for you were just able to avoid traffic and getting to your destination only took half of the time that you expected it to take. You two watch the beautiful sunset while each of you indulge in some hot and gooey marshmallows that you just finished slowly roasting over the fire (the fire that you spent about fifteen minutes trying to start). All is well, for the day-trip was an absolute success and will become another great memory for the books… until all of a sudden your car won’t start up. Everything is packed up, the sun has already set and it is starting to get sort of late, but the engine just continues to rev. Your spouse all of a sudden goes from loving and happy to the exact opposite. She won’t stop repeatedly saying “Why didn’t you take your car in to the shop to get it looked at? I told you over and over again to.. blah blah blah.” What was just an incredible day has just turned into an absolute nightmare. Suddenly, you wish that you had paid more attention to the “check engine light” that turned on over a month ago.

Don’t let the above situation happen to you. Here are a 5 things that you should continually check on to ensure that your vehicle keeps running smoothly all summer long, that way your picnic with your spouse can start and end just the way that you two plan it to.

1)  Battery: Locate the year the battery was made to ensure that it’s not too old. If your battery is 4 years old then it might be time to go purchase a new one.

2)   Tires: The heat can cause some wear and tear on your tires, so make sure the tread is acceptable and pay attention to the PSI. The heat can cause the air in tires to expand, so make sure to compensate for it.

3) Fluids: This is an important one. Constantly check your coolant and other fluids under the hood to ensure there are no leaks and that everything is at their appropriate levels.

4) Hoses and belts: Extremely warm temperatures can weather any hoses or belts, so double check that those items under the hood are in good working condition.

5) Air conditioner: Your air conditioner may take a while to get cool, but if your car is running more than 20 minutes and you’re still feeling hot air, that may be a sign of a problem (a problem that you certainly don’t want in Southern California).

Do you now realize that you may need to get your car looked at? Not a problem, give us a call at 949.443.1970 to set up an appointment today! Let’s make sure that your vehicle is running just the way that it should.