guy reaching into passenger side of car


Having a cluttered vehicle certainly is no fun. Driving your car should be an enjoyable experience, not a stressful one! To help you make sure that you actually enjoy driving around this fall, we’ve put together 5 steps to help you declutter your vehicle.

  1. Take the time to clean your car at least once a month. This can sometimes be a bit time consuming, but doing so will go a long way in making your vehicle much more pleasant to drive in. Vacuum the seats and floors, wipe down the dash and console, wash the exterior, and protect it with wax or a sealant. These may seem like chores, but it’s the best place to start when wanting to get things tidy again!
  2. The next thing that we recommend is to consider what things you really need and want to have in your car. It is easy to pile up a bunch of miscellaneous things such as empty water bottles, mugs and containers, so taking the time to be aware of what you really should have in your car will help get rid of those unwanted items.            
  3. Going through your glove box, center console, and other storage compartments would be a very wise thing to do. How many random items do you think that you have stashed in your car?  We are pretty sure that the old SMOG paperwork from 2008 won’t be of much use to you anytime soon, so make a pile of what you absolutely need to keep and take the rest to the shredder!
  4. It’s time to tackle the trunk! This may be the easiest or the hardest task of them all depending on how much you tend to store in the back. Drivers tend to toss trash, spare blankets, and abandon long-forgotten purchases in the trunk because after all, out of sight, out of mind, right? Not quite! Like the front of your vehicle, you should spend some time getting around to the back. If you happen to be storing a stare tire underneath the floor of your trunk, lift up the floor and check out all of the dirtiness that has accumulated down there.
  5. Lastly, it’s time to do one more sweep of the car. Make sure you’ve gotten all the garbage and that you’ve returned all your emergency supplies to your car so that it’s ready for whatever adventures that you’ll be going on!

If you want to learn more about keeping your car clean and in tip-top shape, give us a call at 949.443.1970 to schedule an appointment with us! We know that you will be glad that you did!

-The Star Team