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Signs of a Bad Coolant Pipe in Your Porsche

Coolant leaks are a common occurrence with any vehicle. There are many places where coolant could leak from, some of great concern than others. Though it is common, leaking coolant is something that should be addressed early to avoid larger problems down the road. After all, keeping your car engine from overheating is imperative to preventing major engine damage as well as just allowing your car to start in the morning before work. If you’re a Porsche owner, you may want to take additional preventive measures by replacing or upgrading your coolant pipes.

Known Issues

In 2011, a class action lawsuit was filed against Porsche for knowingly using plastic coolant pipes in their Cayennes. These plastic pipes failed to stand up to the heat of the coolant flowing through them and failed, requiring Porsche owners to upgrade to aluminum coolant pipes. While this has since been addressed, even the best hoses will wear out over time due to harsh working environment. So it’s not a bad idea to be aware of any potential problem with the coolant pipes in your vehicle as they can lead to costly repairs down the road if not addressed in a timely manner.

Coolant hoses come in a variety of materials and sizes. Their purpose is to carry hot coolant from your engine to your radiator to be cooled and returned back to your engine to keep your vehicle from overheating. There is an upper and lower hose, the upper connecting from the top of the radiator to the top of the engine, the lower attaching from the bottom of the radiator to the water pump. The following signs would indicate that one or both of the pipes are failing and need attention:

Leaking coolant

A puddle of sweet-smelling green fluid under your vehicle is a sure sign that you’re leaking coolant. Coolant can leak from a number of places including the radiator hose, the radiator drain cock, or the radiator itself in addition to the coolant pipes. With so many potential places for a leak to occur, if you do notice coolant dripping or pooling under your car, a Porsche specialist should take a look for you.

Engine overheating

If coolant is leaking from your engine, the engine will overheat since the coolant is no longer there to do its job. Anytime you notice your engine overheating, your car should be evaluated as this can lead to complete engine failure.

Low coolant

If you are constantly having to replenish coolant, then it is most likely due to a leak somewhere in your car’s cooling system.

Collapsed Pipe

If you notice any kinking or holes when you do a quick visual inspection under the hood, it could indicate that its time to replace the coolant pipes.

Repairing a Bad Coolant Pipe

While you could diagnose and repair a bad coolant pipe yourself, the risk of failure in your cooling system could be catastrophic. There are so many interconnected parts to your car’s cooling system that a full diagnosis of the entire system is usually recommended as a vehicle ages. A bad coolant pipe could lead to a damaged radiator, damaged cooling fans, overheating of the thermostat, and damage to the water pump impellers. An experience technician would be aware of the domino effect that can be caused by one item failing. They could also tell you if your Porsche requires an upgrade from the plastic coolant pipes put in by the manufacturer and help you avoid an emergency situation down the road. By performing a thorough check of entire cooling system, a Porsche specialist can reduce costs for you the owner.

Porsche Cayman

Cooling System Maintenance

As with anything, maintaining your car’s engine is safer, more economical and results in a more enjoyable driving experience in your Porsche. Maintaining and repairing small issues with your cooling system at the recommended interval will help you avoid the headaches mentioned above and keep repair costs to a minimum. Rely on the European car experts at Star Motors of Orange County to help you create a maintenance schedule tailored to your vehicle. Call Star Motors in San Capistrano, CA to schedule a cooling system service check today, so you can be sure your Porsche stays cool!

* Porsche Cayman image credit goes to: SusanaValera.