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How to Preserve the Shine of Your Rolls-Royce

Rolls-Royce is a brand that’s synonymous with the epitome of luxury and elegance, and is one of the most highly-sought-after vehicle brands in the world. If you drive a Rolls, the whole world knows you’ve “made it.” Preserving the integrity of your Rolls-Royce requires the consideration of the many facets of ongoing automotive care. From routine oil-changes, tune-ups, and inspections, to the not-so-often heavy repairs it requires, vehicle maintenance is a commitment. While the aforementioned procedures involve the internal components of what’s under your Rolls’ hood, there are other maintenance procedures to consider that add to outward appearance of the condition of your luxury car.

Paint jobs on cars can be highly special and unique, even if it comes straight from the factory with the standard paint job. Rolls-Royce vehicles are known for the consistency in their shine and outward appearance, as this is usually the first thing people notice about the cars. But this appearance comes at the price of effectively maintaining the paint job. Whether your paint work is custom or came stock from the manufacturer, there are certain tips one should follow on how to best preserve the shine of a Rolls-Royce. Here are some guidelines to follow that will keep your paint glossy, shiny, and turning heads wherever you go.

Waxing and Polishing

Many car owners debate the importance of waxing and polishing their cars. Some claim that it may only damage the paint job over time. Well, they’re absolutely right—waxing and polishing can cause damage to your paint job over time, or even in one instance of waxing and polishing. The difference between what makes an effective polishing and/or waxing job is the care and consideration the individual puts into the task. Waxing and polishing is a necessity for paint care in cars, it’s just a matter of the type of materials one uses and the process one adheres to when applying the technique. Under certain circumstances, waxing and polishing may do more damage; however, if you hire a professional with a stellar reputation in the community, verifying their methodology, your odds are highly improved.

Pay Special Attention to Detail

Whoever you hire to care for your Rolls’ paint work must be a stickler for detail. Meticulousness never hurts when it comes to car detail work; the cracks and crevices require attention also in order to achieve an overall look of complete care, especially since they hold a lot of the dirt and debris that can cause scratches to the rest of your car if not attended to properly. Your wheels are a perfect example of how attention to detail has an overall effect on the appearance of your Rolls. When the wheels shine, it makes the look much more complete.

Utilize Only the Best Quality Materials to Clean With

The shop you hire to maintain your Rolls’ paint work should utilize only the top-of-the-line materials and equipment. Using the wrong solutions and chemicals to clean a paint job can cause the paint to strip and/or dull over time, sometimes even in just one application. Be sure to consult with your automotive shop on the materials they use and ask plenty of questions about their proven effectiveness with your specific paint work.

Shield Your Car from the Sun

This is a big one! Keeping your Rolls parked in a garage or out of the sun is essential to paint care. Over time, the harmful UV rays from the sun can cause paint to fade, to corrode, or even to chip in some cases. Keeping your car protected from direct sun rays has the added benefit of protecting the interior as well. It can limit interior fading and/or cracking significantly. Well worth the garage space if you ask us!

Rolls Royce Wraith

Why Scheduled Detailing is Important

Our detail technicians here at Star Motors have provided paint care services for a wide range of Rolls-Royce clients here in Southern Orange County and San Juan Capistrano, CA. We pay close attention to detail here, as do our clients, and it has served us well to utilize the best quality paint care materials for our Rolls clients especially. We know how special these cars are, and a solid, shiny paint job is nearly required when it comes to these unique vehicles. For information about our paint detailing processes, including the materials we utilize for the job, please call one of our professionals here in the shop. We look forward to proving our dedication and commitment to excellence.

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Tips to Maintain Your Bentley’s Engine

Automotive care isn’t a priority for most drivers, but it should be; there are many benefits to ongoing engine maintenance. Bentleys usually have a high standard of performance and luxury, and therefore must also have a high level of care and maintenance. Purchasing a Bentley is expensive enough, and it can be difficult for drivers to continue to spend money on maintaining and repairing it. However, such an investment must be protected—especially if you ever decide to sell it.

Beyond resale value, ongoing vehicle care for your Bentley will increase its reliability and consistency in performance; the last thing you want is to be broken down on the roadside in your Bentley. However, by performing your Bentley’s engine maintenance, you also save yourself the hassle and expenditure of time-consuming, costly repairs resulting from lack of maintenance. If you own a Bentley, here are some tips for basic engine care.

Keep fluids clean and full

Your car relies upon several different fluids that are critical to its performance and reliability. Coolant (antifreeze or radiator fluid), transmission fluid, engine oil, power-steering fluid, and brake fluid are the five most important fluids your car needs to perform optimally. You can take your Bentley to a qualified, trustworthy automotive shop that specializes in Bentley maintenance and repair to inspect the quality, clarity, and fullness of these various fluids. Some of them, like your antifreeze and motor oil, are simple to inspect yourself; however, if you aren’t already familiar with these processes, we don’t suggest you start trying on a Bentley.

Keep air filter clean and replace it regularly

Your engine air filter is what keeps the three D’s out of your engine: dust, dirt, and debris. These harmful particles can buildup in your engine, causing clogs and significant disruptions in performance. The air filter is easy for your trusted Bentley technician to check for quality assurance. If your air filter isn’t white or off-white, it’s time for a clean one. If you leave a dirty air filter in your Bentley, you might begin to notice some concerning symptoms and effects on the vehicles performance, such as: reduced fuel efficiency and reduced horsepower. If the problem worsens, you may even experience engine misfiring.

Hire a Bentley specialist

While there are automotive shops and dealerships on practically every street, it’s important to keep in mind that most of those shops won’t be able to offer the level of care your Bentley needs. Generalized automotive knowledge is helpful, but Bentleys have their own unique design, engineering, and parts that require specialized knowledge and skills in working with various Bentley models. To find a specialist that you trust, you can look online at customer reviews and learn more about what people are saying about the shop and their experiences with them. Call various shops to get quotes and estimates as well as more information about their credentials and qualifications in working with Bentleys.

Adhere to your Bentley’s maintenance plan

There are many procedures besides fluid and filter care that must be routinely performed for your Bentley’s engine. For instance, at different intervals, your transmission, suspension, and other components will require replacement parts or servicing. You can find a detailed schedule of maintenance for your Bentley in your owner’s manual. The manual suggests certain maintenance tasks based on the vehicle’s mileage and age. It’s important for you to consult with your Bentley specialist to learn what maintenance plan will suit you best, taking into account your unique driving habits and typical driving conditions—i.e. frequent heavy traffic vs. only leisurely drives occasionally.

Bentley Badge

How Star Motors can help

For over 30 years, the Bentley experts here at Star Motors, have been serving clients in the areas of Southern Orange County, including San Juan Capistrano, CA. European imports like Bentley require a higher standard of care than most vehicles, simply because their design and engineering is unique and geared toward performance and luxury. The technicians at Star Motors are ASE certified and highly skilled in working with various different Bentley models. Basic ongoing engine maintenance is crucial to uphold for your Bentley; we help our clients get on track with a routine maintenance plan that works for them. For more information contact us directly. You can also schedule an appointment on our website!

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