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What Happened To My Fuel Economy?

Have you recently noticed that your vehicle seems to no longer be getting the great gas mileage it used to? Well, there may be a few reasons why. Like any “issues” with your vehicle, there can be numerous roots of the cause for poor fuel economy.

Air Filter: Made of pleated paper fabric elements, its purpose is to prevent pollen, dust and particulates from entering the fuel system. If they were to enter, they could do some serious damage. If your air filter seems to be clogged and is restricting air flow, take out the air filter and hold it up to a bright light. If there isn’t much light that is passing through it, that means it’s time for a new one.

Tires: Having under-inflated tires means that there is more rolling resistance, and more rolling resistance means poorer fuel economy. Check your tire inflation at least once a month by using a tire gauge. Even the slightest amount of under-inflation can cause problems, so get your tires checked right away!

Check Engine light: Your engine relies on a series of sensors that send great amounts of information to the drivetrain computer in order to monitor your vehicle’s fuel delivery, ignition timing, transmission shift points and many other important functions. If a sensor is sending abnormal operating limits, a trouble code will be registered in the engine’s drivetrain computer and the Check Engine light on the dashboard will be illuminated. A technician can then use a code reader or scanner device, connected to the diagnostic connector, to read the codes and figure out what the root of the issue is.

Oxygen Sensor: Engines use an O2 sensor in the exhaust stream to monitor the content of the exhaust gases. Typically, the O2 sensor(s) will last for the length of the vehicle’s life, but there is a possibility of one failing. If this happens, it can lead to a rich-running condition and cause the engine to put excessive amounts of fuel into the system. Remember the saying that your parents used to tell you, “too much of anything is bad?” Well, it even applies to your vehicle!

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