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Regular BMW Maintenance Key
Regular BMW Maintenance Key

Regular BMW Maintenance Key

Regular BMW maintenance is the key to your optimal safety and driving experience – the keys to enjoying your fine BMW vehicle. Aided by BMW’s advanced onboard-maintenance system Condition Based Service (CBS*), your BMW will let you know when routine service or wear-and-tear repair work is needed.

*Older model series are equipped with a Service Interval Indicator (SII).

Star Motors’ BMW maintenance service meets or exceeds BMW’s own factory warranty specifications. Prior to 1996, BMW included additional services, however due to introduction of the scheduled maintenance service BMW lowered their maintenance guidelines.

Our standard BMW maintenance service follows BMW’s factory guidelines step by step and meets all BMW factory warranty requirements. Please refer to your owner’s manual for a detailed description of these services for your model year.

Here are some maintenance tips to be aware of –

Watch Your Maintenance Sensors

Sensors on board of your BMW continuously monitor the status of individual wear-and-tear parts and vehicle fluids. The date of your next maintenance check is automatically displayed on the dashboard’s InfoDisplay. This enables Star Motor’s BMW Service specialists to accurately assess repair and maintenance work and you benefit from a faster, more efficient and cost-effective service.

The BMW Maintenance System:

The BMW Maintenance System has been devised with the following objectives: maximize vehicle safety, maximize reliability, and minimize breakdowns resulting from wear, at minimum cost. The Service Interval Light system will indicate when you are due for service based on your driving habits.

  • BMW Service Interval Light System:

Regular BMW Maintenance KeyUp to five green lights illuminate depending on vehicle use since new or last maintenance. Reduction of illuminated green lights is a countdown for the next service due.

  • Oil Service Alert

Regular BMW Maintenance KeyAll green lights are off and only the yellow light is illuminated along with the “Oil Service” sign, alerting you that oil service is necessary.

  • Inspection Service Alert

Regular BMW Maintenance KeyAll green lights are off and only the yellow light is illuminated along with the “Inspection” sign, alerting you that this service is necessary.

  • Overdue Inspection Service Alert

Regular BMW Maintenance Key

The red light will illuminate along with the yellow one to serve as a warning that service is overdue; and in the interest of read safety and reliability, avoid driving your BMW. Schedule an appointment immediately.

  • Re-set to Normal Condition

Regular BMW Maintenance KeyOnce the required service is performed, the technician resets the service interval indicator to “normal” conditions to compute the next service / maintenance interval. If you do your own maintenance, you can get a service reset tool to reset the lights yourself.

The BMW service intervals consist of three main service groups -

  • BMW Oil Service: Engine oil and filter change and additional preventative maintenance services.
  • BMW Inspection I: Major vehicle maintenance as specified in your Service Booklet.
  • BMW Inspection II: Additional major vehicle maintenance as specified in your Service Booklet.

Also, there are additional services that are required annually, which consist of: (These are excluded from the main service groups.)

  • Brake fluid flush
  • Coolant fluid flush
  • If your BMW is equipped with a timing belt (M20 engine), the timing belt should be replaced every 4 years or 50,000 miles whichever occurs first.
  • Oxygen sensor replacement

Here is a table you can use to determine when maintenance is required:

Regular BMW Maintenance Key

Remember us.  Star motors is your BMW Maintenance and repair shop for  Dana Point, Laguna Niguel, San Clemente, San Juan Capistrano, Ladera Ranch, and South Laguna Beach.